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I am Eva, founder of Creo! 

In 2019, I discovered Jardin and instantly fell in love with the place, with the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and the quality of life that this place has to offer.

It’s never too hot or cold here and the vegetation and wildlife is thriving!

Not long after, the vision of Creo was born.


 “Creo” in Spanish means "I believe" and "I create". This double meaning signifies the power we have to create and achieve our dreams when we simply believe in ourselves and in the universe. 

We also believe that we all have the capacity to love, and to give and to receive. With this capacity, we can make the changes that we want to see in the world.


At Creo we are moving towards self-sustainably. We will achieve this by growing and harvesting our own food, and encouraging our own micro-economy where we exchange goods and services with one another and the rest of the Jardin community. 

Our lodge was built with eco-friendly and recycled materials, with the help of volunteers from all over the world! We are located on a very remote, natural site that allows our guests to disconnect from the city and reconnect to their inner child.


We have built Creo to welcome travellers from all over the world. It’s our heartfelt wish that they use our space to share their journeys, experiences and knowledge.

Check out our Gallery to see for yourself what we are all about ☺️ 

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